Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund IV (Fund) is the fourth fund in the series, comprising Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund I (Fund I), Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund II (Fund II), Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund III (Fund III), and the Fund (together, the Series). The Series was established to allow individual investors access to a family office style of investing in US-based operating businesses via well-credentialed, US-focused, private investment funds.

Units in the Fund are being offered to investors under a product disclosure statement dated 13 March 2018 (PDS). Units under the Offer will be issued on a partly paid basis so that the per Unit Application Price of $1.60 will be paid in instalments, with the first instalment in the amount of $0.32 payable on application. This structure better reflects the way in which capital is invested by private equity entities. Accordingly, the Responsible Entity will make further calls on these partly paid Units over an expected period of three to five years, as and when it is in a position to invest the capital. The Responsible Entity anticipates that each subsequent instalment will be approximately $0.32 per unit (equivalent to 20% of the Application Price).

The proceeds of the Offer will be primarily invested in U.S. Select Private Opportunities Find IV, L.P. (LP), which will in turn will invest in US small-to-mid sized private investment funds consistent with the investment strategy of the Fund, noting that investors will have exposure to the LP’s underlying investments

Investment opportunity and Fund highlights:

Access to family office style of investing alongside the highly successful Cordish Family
Typically, family offices have access to many private ventures and investment opportunities that are beyond the reach of most individual investors.

• Superior long-term returns available in private investments
Historically, US private equity has consistently outperformed US public equity over the long term.

• Diversification benefits
Private investment returns have historically demonstrated low correlation with public equities and fixed income.

• Experienced team with a successful track record of managing the LP
The Investment Manager has demonstrated strong expertise in selecting top performing managers within small-to-mid sized private investment funds.

• Convenient investment platform
The partly paid structure of the Units is expected to align with the capital call structure of private investments.

Like all investments, an investment in the Fund carries risks which may result in the loss of income or principal invested. In addition to the general risks of investing, specific risks associated with investing in the Funds include, but are not limited to private investments risk and liquidity risk. For further information about the risks of investing in the product see Section 6 of the PDS.

Prospective investors should consider the PDS in full when deciding whether to acquire units in the Fund. The PDS is available by accessing the link below or a hardcopy can be obtained for free by contacting the Responsible Entity on 1300 454 801.

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